Welcome to the world of Oz ! If you are here, that is a great thing !

Lets go back in time a little bit….

Mimi Oz ‘s first recorded work sprang from meeting Canadian Icon, Sir Bob Wiseman at Toronto’s Tranzac club Winter 2012.  Wiseman co-wrote and produced “Three Of Swords”, released in 2013, which covered Mimi’s time living and falling in love with Mexico city.
After calling it quits in Toronto and packing up her band “The Wizards”, Mimi began gigging in the US, developing a core group of people to tour gig with from New York City.  In 2016 she produced her 2nd full length independent record titled “Men Who Never Loved Me”, funded by the Ontario Arts Councils Popular Music grant program.  This Album, self produced, was a cross collaboration between musicians of Toronto and NYC.  This record, a sassy comedic collection of love songs, toured the southern states twice alongside bands such as “The Grasping Straws”, and “Sam Barron”, as well as Europe in the Summer of 2016.
Currently Mimi is getting read to release an EP titled “Baby On The J”, with her rocking NY band, “Rooster”.  Sexy, folky, freaky, ugly, messy, punky country is what it is, and the long awaited protest driven song “Fucking Bullshit” will hit the world with a smack on the face.  This project includes an old school claymation video by Animator/Illustrator Edwin Chavez, for the single “Baby On The J”.  Between juggling worlds, Mimi has started to produce her 3rd record “Growing Pains”, misplaced love songs with hints of reference to her travels in Europe.
 Mimi writes love songs, protest songs, songs about people who spark her interest.  She is most praised for her use of lyrics and slick sense of humour.  Not only does she like to write songs, painting is another life long passion that she pours into the world.  She is working on a series of portraits in watercolour and mixed media over 2016 2017 inspired by people she has met in her travels.  These will be revealed in a show titled “people you know”, end of 2017.
Thats all for now, stay tuned